How to run a service on DroboShare startup ?


So i had mediatomb, and it worked and them my drobo went funny and had to get an install…

Now mediatomb works a treat but I have to start it up by hand (i.e. putty on to the box, and run the restart script). it would be easier if on start up the script was run, but i can not locate a “autoexec.bat” file anywhere (yes i know it windows).

So does anyone know where the startup script is. all these linux like apps must register themselves somewhere.

Well, if you have a “” script in the DroboApp folder, then the Drobo calls it automatically at boot.

I suggest you download some of the other DroboApps from DRI’s website and unpack them on your machine (they are simply tar+gz files).

If you have any further questions, please don’t be afraid to ask.