How to Remove Access to Drobo FS

Installed Drobo FS on my 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium 'puter. It’s running well.

By default (without me configuring or setting up anything), other Win 7 users on my home network can see my Drobo FS, which is not what I want.

For example, from other Win 7 machine in the home network, I discovered that I can access, read, write, and delete files on the Drobo FS even though no users or permissions have been set up.

How do I block other users who are on other machines from seeing and accessing the Drobo FS, please?

By default the Drobo FS sets up a share called Public. When you set up a share by default the Everyone group is added to the share. Any shares that has the Everyone group will be accessible to any computer on your network.

You need to create user or users with a password(s) and remove the Everyone group. The other computers on your network will be able to see the Drobo FS, but will not be able to access the data without the correct Username and Password.

If you want only this one computer to be able to access the data stored on this Drobo FS, you may want to consider exchanging this unit for one of the direct connect storage units: Drobo 4 bay, DroboS, or DroboPro.

Thank you, Kurt.

Before I got your reply, I was staring at those areas last night, but I didn’t understand them. You explained it very well.