how to reformat my drobo

My Mac thinks my Drobo is full (2tb) despite the drive space left in it as when I set it up initially, that is all the space I assigned to it. I have moved data off it and am ready to do a clean wipe and reformat it to hopefully 8 or 16 tb.

How do I do this on a mac?

Totally wiping a drobo is easiest done using the reset hole on the back

Instructions are in the knowledge base

What size drives do you have and how many?

this is getting really aggravating. I have four 1 tb drives in it and it was until recently hung off my airport extreme. The mac only recognized it as being a 2 tb drive (how I initially set it up) so I erased it and have reconnected it directly to my iMac. Now it is never recognizable when I start up the mac, despite having erased it using disk utility.

Drobodashboard doesn’t see it either and keeps reporting “looking for connection”.

I am getting pretty sick and tired of this. I already had to dump a bunch of my data to try and reformat and now I can’t get it to reconnect and format. I have been able to get it to mount a couple of times and it still shows up as a 2 tb drive. The whole exercise was to change this!

Now, it is just beachballing disk utility whenever I try and launch the app. This sucks.[hr]
I have erased my drobo AGAIN manually and reconnected it to my iMac. When the iMac recognizes it I choose initialize and am taken to the disk utility. I go the erase tab and keep the Mac OS extended format and click erase. I then get the barber shop scroll on the process bar for the next hour or so.

What is going on?

Dashboard is still unable to recognize the Drobo.