How to reformat drive into one large volume?

I changed all my 1T drives to 2T. I don’t want to create a new volume with the addition drive space. I want to create one volume to use all the drives. How Can I do this?

I see a new unformatted volume. How to not use 2 volumes but only one?

I have copied all my files from Drobo to another drive.

Now I want to reformat my Drobo Mini into one large volume using all the new 2T drives.[hr]
I ended up just resetting the Drobo Mini and that lets me reformat into one volume.

Sounds like you answered your question ?

If your data is backed up and you wish to reset your Drobo - you can use the “Drobo Reset” option under Tools in the Dashboard - again before you do this make sure all your data is backed up.

Yes, Reset did allow me to create on large volume.

However, I am confuse. The UI shown here http://dashboardhelp.drobo.com/guide/240/zh/Mini_Formatting_Your_Drobo_Mini.htm

is different from my version. I don’t see any way to resize the volume. 16TB for default and 4TB for 2 disk fail safe.

If you have now “upgraded” the Mini to 4x 2TB (8TB RAW Space). And you are doing a reset of the Mini, now is the best time to create a 16TB Thin Provision Volume (Using the Drobo Dashboard). The new Dashboard, default to 16TB.

So this will be a virtual pool of 16TB volume appearing on your Mac or PC. Further upgrades of HDD say to 3TB or 4TB etc, no new Volume will be created and you won’t need to “reset” and reformat again. All additional space will be “absorbed” into this 16TB pool.

Yes you can create and format a 16TB volume even if you do not physically have 16TB. You can read more about Thin Provision Volume on Drobo Support KB.