How to properly detect a Drobo

It is exciting to see so many new products coming out Data Robotics! Linux dashboard support for the newer products. It’s the second time it’s happenned where the vendor string on scsi identify lun queries has changed on a new product, which that means the dashboard doesn’t detect it.

So I’m just wondering if my algorithm is wrong and I should be using something else.

Here is what I do:

for all /dev/sd (all devices which are represented as SCSI disks, which, in linux includes all storage devices (IDE, ATA, SATA))
check if the device answers properly to SCSI standard Identify LUN call.

 if it does, then check the fourth field, which is supposed to be the vendor ID.
      if that vendorID starts with "TRUSTED" (v1 drobo) or "DROBO" (v2), or "Drobo" (S)
      then Yes it is a Drobo, next...

 if it does not respond or vendorID doesn't match, the dashboard ignores the device.  So for the second time, I am making a patch for it to accept 'Drobo' as well as the other strings.  

Does DRI have method that is a little more robust for determining whether a random emulated SCSI device is actually a Drobo?

I guess the test for customers out there would be to try an old dashboard with a new Drobo and see if it recognizes it?