How to migrate to Drobo (2nd gen)?

I have a Drobo and two 1tb drives with data on them that I want to keep and a 3rd that is empty.

What’s the best way to get all of these drives into the Drobo while keeping the data in tact?


are they both full?

if you put the single empty drive in dorob - you will only be able to put 500gb of data on it

which woudl mean that you woudlnt then have a totally empty drive left to add a a second disk to drobo

is there anywhere else you can put the data?

you need two 1tb drives in drobo to have 1tb of avilaable space

I may be able to combine both of them onto one drive before putting it in the Drobo.

So now, if I have one drive with data and two without and I insert them all at the same time, will Drobo keep the data and then give me 2tb of usable space (1tb already occupied though).



ANY drives inserted into drobo are IMMEDIATELY wiped

NEVER put a disk with data on it in to drobo

put BLANK disks into drobo - then copy the data off your drives onto drobo, then add your newly blank disks to finish filling it up

Got it, so I’ll copy the data onto ONE drive, put the two blanks into drobo, move the data onto the drobo, and then put in the final drive.

Sound good?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your help!

Yes. This is the right way.

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oh dear…

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