How to manage private messages?

I’ve sent and received a dozen or so private messages, mostly to and from Jennifer, but now the board says that I have used 100% of my space, and I can’t receive any more.

I’ve tried everything I can think of to empty all for the Inbox and Trash folder messages, but each time I get a blank screen and no apparent results.

Is there an FAQ somewhere to tell us how to use this new forum?

Never mind – I found it. You have to go to User Control Panel, Manage Folders, and delete the messages en mass. It doesn’t appear that deleting them individually works. And unlike other forums I participate in, the limit seems to be about 5 incoming and five six outgoing.

Now, here is a suggestion to DRI. Since you are in the storage management business, and since one on-line and one off-line Drobo, even a V1, would hold 2.5TB worth of messages, and since the average message is probably less than 2.5K bytes, that ought to be sufficient to hold about billion or messages. So maybe you could consider increasing the number of messages allowed??

Excellent point. I think the forum admin just forgot to up the default limit when they were installing vBulletin, phpBB, SMF or whatever core Furm this is.

It has been fixed. The default is now 250.