How to interpret diagnostic file?

Hi, I had a drive failure, replaced it, I want to know why the drive failed, created a diagnostic report, but can’t read the contents.

The file header says “DataRobotics Encrypted Data File Format…”.
I would like to read the detailed diagnostics of my own equipment, how do I decrypt or read this file?

Or, if I can’t read this file, how do I get my DroboPro to report detailed diagnostics to me?


you wont. your log files are data robotics exclusive…

Ok, thank you, but not very helpful.

If the diagnostic log can’t, or won’t, tell me what is wrong with the drive, how do I get more detailed drive diagnostic information, e.g. SMART, temperature, failure reasons, etc.?


ok, ill try again

data robotics have encrypted the log files for reason unknown. they are the only ones who know how to decrypt them. I would also like to know how to decrypt the log file for diagnostic purposes. it seems like this feature is there so if you contact support they might want to know whats wrong with your device and they might ask you to send them the log file.

your information is for their eyes only for some reason…

You could also add to the feature requests here and here which ask for plain-text logs and more data displayed in Dashboard.

I added my vote to the feature request.

I also opened a ticket with suport, they analyzed the log for me, and said the drive was marked bad becasue it had two timeouts.

Support further told me the log is encrypted because it containes details of the file storage and placement, so I assume they are trying to protect the BeyondRAID algorithm.

I can understand them wanting to protect IP, but I’d still like a clear text diagnostic report.


This is actually a very simple thing for them to solve. Split the information into two log outputs. One thats public and clear with all the consumer useful information in it. And one that is private for support diagnostics. It really can’t be that hard to implement.

Added my votes to the two feature request threads. I do hope that DR is listening!


I agree there should be at least a diagnostics page in dashboard of what is happening.

It seems insnane to me that you have to send in the ‘diagnostics dump’ so they can tell us if things are getting dicey OR what really happened to cause a drive to drop out of the array.

it wouldnt even be so bad if they were at least very quick to respond, but sometimes they seem to take their time, which is unacceptable when you are trying to troubleshoot and dodgy array

I agree that the log file should either be unencrypted or that the Dashboard should have better diagnostic information to it, but you’re complaining about the response time for a consumer level RAID device. It’s not an enterprise grade solution. If you want one-hour response, you have to pay for that.

I have a DroboPro at home and at work, but we also have a Fujitsu Eternus. It cost about $25,000 with education pricing to fully populate with only 24TB and the drives are about $700 a pop. But we get on-site same day service and free drive failure replacement from Fujitsu. There’s a difference between consumer devices and enterprise devices. The DroboPro and Elite are not enterprise level devices.

True, DRI’s venturing into the “prosumer” space whether they intend to or not, so that’s the danger space.

On one hand there’s probably a large number of Drobo customers who aren’t on this forum, but they’re not techy.
On the other hand, you have us “techy” folks who want to get the best out of their equipment.

It’s a tough spot, and a good reminder - both of expectations and of cost perception. Costing “a lot” is really relative. In my work we have people complaining that they paid “a lot” for a $120 piece of hardware and expecting toll-free support and next-day replacement. It’s all relative, heh.