How to Install phpbb3 on Drobo FS

Anyone know how to host a forum on their Drobo FS? Is it even possible? Can you even run a SQL Database System on the Drobo FS?


Is it possible? Yes. Will it perform well? Well, that is a good question…

In any case, you can find MySQL for the FS here:

Sounds like you don’t recommend doing this?

The problem is that the FS only has 180 MB of RAM available for the OS + apps (despite having 512 MB onboard… to this day I’m not quite sure where the other 332 MB are going).

As you can imagine, this is not much by today’s standards, and in fact, if you ssh into the FS you’ll notice that there isn’t a lot of free memory laying around. Most of it is used by the OS and the standard apps (e.g. smb, netatalk, ssh server, etc). Whatever is left is usually used for caching disk data.

So how would a heavy-weight app like MySQL fit in there? Well, it does work, and quite a few people have successfully deployed it (search in the forums for mysql and you’ll find them). The problem is that I don’t think it’ll scale very far. In other words, sure, you’ll get phpbb3 installed and running, but as soon as you have some serious traffic it’ll probably either just crash due to lack of memory or be so slow that connections will timeout.

If you ask me how many users would it support decently before going down, I can’t give you an honest answer as I have never tried myself. My guess is that anything more than a dozen of simultaneous users would probably make it unusable.

Right–you can do it, but should you?

A headless barebones box will run you under $200 at Amazon. Somthing like this; add in 4 GB of RAM for $20 and a nice fast 60 GB SSD for $80 and you’ve got a smoking little web server that can easily handle thousands of simultaneous requests, provided you’ve got the network bandwidth to keep it fed.

Take that box, install Ubuntu Server, and then install some combo of web server & PHP stack (like nginx + php-fpm or Apache + mod_php) and phpbb3 and mysql. It’ll be wicked-quick and super easy to administer.

Application hosting isn’t exactly what a Drobo is supposed to do. It doesn’t have the spare RAM or CPU to effectively serve phpbb3.

Thanks. From what I have learned I don’t plan on running anything on it.

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