How to install Drobo Apps

I am new to the Drobo and would like to install the Drobo apps. I am using windows 7 and have a Drobo FS.

The primary apps I would like to install are the DroboAdmin, Cloud, and a FTP app.

Thank you

hi gkdave,
i havent actually started using my droboshare yet, (and probably dont have a need for installing apps at the moment) - and the process for installing and configuring apps seems way too convoluted at present…

eg, it should be a simple process like “drop this file into this folder and activate” or similar, or “extract this pre-built exploded zip into this folder” - but it’s not. :frowning:

having said that though… a lot of the guys here are really helpful and theres a ricardo who had put lots of hint and tips about installing apps so im sure you’ll get help if you’re patient :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul… I really would like to be able to access and write to the Drobo while I am travelling.