How to get PureFTP to work

Thx for the tut but I’m a noob here. I’m not sure what all the commands do in the Linux world.
How do I set my user and pass and the directory where is starts?
and is there a way that I can make a telnet account?
I’m also a noob regarding Linux never fooled around with it.
I’m using Winslows Vista, still new to the gadget. So what is obvious for some is for sure not obvious for me.

Hey Finestra,
I work on Mac OS X, so I’m not sure I can help you.
You’ll need an SSH program, on Mac there’s one built in called ‘Terminal’. Not sure what you’d use on PC.
Changing the password is easy enough, though, once you’ve gained SSH access to the DroboShare.
However, you have to open your SSH port (22) on your router, and if you’ve got a dynamic IP, you’ll need to install DynDNS, which is free. This will allow you to login to the droboShare using the DynDNS you create, rather than your IP address, which will change if it’s dynamic. If you’re luck enough to have a static IP, use that instead of the DynDNS.
Then, open your SSH program and enter:
root@DynDNSname-Goes-Here, and hit enter.
You’ll then be prompted for your password, which by default is giveit2me (note that on linux, as you enter your password, it does not show it being entered. Just make sure you enter it correctly and press return, and you’ll see this if done correctly:

Welcome to Embedded Linux
_ _
| |||
| | _ ____ _ _ _ _
| || | _ | | | |\ / /
| || | | | | |
| |/
||||| ||____|_/_/

      A Data Robotics Product.


At this point, you’re in.

[i][color=#0000CD]Drobo Replies:
Changing password for root
Enter the new password (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 characters)
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers.
Enter new password: [/color][/i]

Enter your new password, and make it as secure as possible, and Remember that you can’t see passwords as you type in Linux, so it’s best to type it in a Text Editer to ensure it right, then copy and paste, but enter it manually when it asks you to Re-enter, ensuring you have it right.

You can check your password strength at http://www.passwordmeter.com/

[color=#0000CD][i]Drobo Returns:
Re-enter new password: 
Password changed.
~ $ [/i][/color]

That’s it, You changed the PassWord!
As for the directory, the default is //mnt/DroboShares/, w/ mnt being the directory folder standing for ‘Mount’. I don’t know if that can be changed or not, never looked into, and probably best to leave as is.

As for a telnet account, I have no idea what that is, so I can’t help you there.
As another note, I ended up ditching the DroboShare. I needed something that could function as a working server w/ several people connected to it at once, and in the off hours to contact a remote drobo and, using DroboCopy, do remote backups.

DroboShare was horribly inadequate for this. Everything bottlednecked at the DroboShare, transfer speed is horrible. So I ended up hooking it up via FireWire800 to a Mac that allowed AFP (apple file protocol) access, and opened the AFP port, and using a program called ‘ExpanDrive’, opened encrypted SSH tunnels to the remote drobo for offsite backups.

So far, this seems to be working flawlessly. If you plan to work on file directly on the drobo, I recommend this approach, and ditch the DroboShare.

I too am a newbie to Linux, but for what I’ve had to do so far, I’ve been able to find the answers by googling for them. Takes a bit a research though.

Hope this helps you out some!

Can Some one point me to where to do download this app, the DroboApps download http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/downloads/index.php does not seem to work - also if I go down to the dir, http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/apps/6/ the file is only 95K, pure-ftpd.tgz 15-Jan-2009 12:40 95K , so which binary do I select from http://www.pureftpd.org/project/pure-ftpd for DroboShare ?
Thanks to all in advance for your help and guidance.

I’d really appreciate some help with this,

Basically, I can SSH AND FTP into the share locally, but can’t seem to login from outside my network. I forwarded incoming FTP traffic on my router to the droboshare just in case anyone is wondering. What I’m thinking is that my ISP blocks FTP access, i.e. port 21, So I’m wondering if It’s possible to change the pure-ftp port to something else or if this would work or what? Yoics seems like it would work as it uses their service to traverse any issues, however with the free account you’re limited to one person connecting, and a 1-hour timeout on connections, again, not cool. Really unhappy about this, hopefully you all have a solution. Thanks in advance.

I am so happy that you guys wrote how to configure PureFTP. Since i didn´t work with Linux yet I got some difficulties to get it to work as I do not know exactly what to type into the terminal :frowning:

I want to add some users which have different rights (i.e. read only) and can only access several directories (and do not have access to my backups).

Is there any chance anybody could give me a step-by-step instruction or at least point out what to do according to the above written instructions?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


Given that it’s running on linux, it should be a matter of setting the various group/user permissions, I’m not exactly sure how PureFTP might differ from the standard linux permission behavior though as I don’t use Pure FTP anymore I just SSH into it. Have a look here: http://download.pureftpd.org/pub/pure-ftpd/doc/FAQ

I already tried to work through the documentation, but even the first steps did not work out. For example the command “pw groupadd ftpgroup” ended up in a message saying unknown expression or something like that.

I know that one first needs to create a usergroup to create virtual users later on.

Do I have to navigate to the PureFTP directory in order to execute the commands? Yet, I successfully logged in to DroboShare using SSH and changed the root password. Anything beyond this didn´t work. I can log into the drobo share using FTP and the root account. All I want is to create other users with individual rights.

I still hope anybody can give me the helping advise. Nevertheless, I will try it again on my own tonight.

Kind regards, Kai

I believe the correct command for adding a group is:

addgroup ftpgroup

hello drobo community,

I am configuring my pure ftp, I did everything mountainbiker said, it worked well until this line :

/mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/DroboApps/pure-ftpd $ ./pure-ftpd-start.sh unused /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/

I get :

nohup: appending output to ‘nohup.out’
nohup: cannot run command ‘/pure-ftpd’: No such file or directory
/mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/DroboApps/pure-ftpd $

what’s going on ? what should I do ?

thanks everybody in advance for your answers

i done mountainbikes suggestions and got stuck on mounting the directories
returns permisson denied

./pure-ftpd-start.sh unused /mnt/DroboShares/Drobo/ returns

nohup: appending output to ‘nohup.out’
nohup: cannot run command ‘/pure-ftpd’: No such file or directory

any suggestions are welcome

I have the FS an would love to be able to access it by FTP. After reading all this I would just really like to see an idiot-proof way with some screenshots etc on how to do this. I got scared… ;- )

Too bad DataRobotics doesn´t make an easy-to use app like this.

I have the same scenario (enabled, installed, now what?), and I’d rather hire someone to set it up for me so I have an admin user and a read-only account. Anybody game?

How exactly are we supposed to set up PureFTP if the Drobo FS resets the users/passwords every time it is reset? Are we stuck using root/root for our FTP server?

Did you ever get a tutorial up? I’d like to use the Drobo FS as a web server as well as an FTP site. I’d like to do it correctly without many security holes…


I would like to see if anyone could put a YouTube video or even get a Powerpoint on how to do this. There are great videos on the drobo site but to have tutorials on the use of apps would be great.

I’m not sure if this was already mentioned but you don’t need to get all techy in linux to create a user. By default PureFTP uses the user accounts that are setup in the DroboApps admin tool. So when you add a user their it get’s access or not. You basically setup a share, setup a user and give that user access to the share. Then when you connect via FTP use the same login/password and you should be in.

I’m not sure how to configure PureFTP but at least this will get you in with the basics.

Hi, I just published a version of ProFTPD configured exactly this way. It supports FTPS, so transfers can be encrypted, and has a simple web interface to change the “admin” password and disable the read-only account.

You can find it here: http://www.droboports.com/app-repository/proftpd-1-3-3d