How to get Drobo to do a surface scan?

I recently discovered that one of the drives in my Drobo is dead, even though Drobo is showing green on the drive. Yanking the drive out of the system while it’s running and “Feeling” the drive shows no gyroscopic effect as one would normally expect. Inserting the drive into a windows machine via external esata causes the windows computer to completely lock up until the esata drive is powered down (and again, the drive motor never spins).

Is there a way to get Drobo to do a more comprehensive test on the drives than what it currently is using to verify things?

Is there any way to expose more details about the drives than what Drobo Dashboard reveals (which is almost nothing)?

I was having an issue where writing large amounts of data to Drobo would cause the drobo to “die” as far as my vmware servers were concerned… The only way to get things working again was to power drobo off and power it back on, and now I have to wonder if the problem is related to this one drive.

Please open a support case so we can look at the diagnostic file for your DroboElite and those drives.

Thanks Jennifer. I took the drive and installed it into another computer besides the XP machine that would lock up and was able to access it just fine. Looks like the drive just doesn’t have that gyro effect after all and that there is an unrelated issue with XP not being friendly with the drive.