How to get Dashboard 2.0.3 to see Drobo v2


Drobo is doing a relayout after a disk replacement - I’m running Lion and have Dashboard 2.0.3 installed. Everything was fine yesterday but this morning Dashboard can’t see the Drobo.

tried relaunching Dashboard, but no dice. Is there a way for me to safely get it to reconnect? Or just some way of seeing how much time is left on the relayout? Can I reboot the mac?

Like most things Drobo I assume it’s probably best to let it be and finish without interfering.

1st thread. I had exactly the same problem.
2nd thread. and now 6 days later I can still see my Drobo whereas after Lion it kept disappearing.

To answer your question I suggest waiting until it’s finished, rebooting, dismounting it and reinstalling Dashboard.

I first noticed the Dashboard losing connectivity after changing some drives but in reality I think it was because I installed 2.0.3 whilst on 10.6.8, did an upgrade to Lion and didn’t reinstall it.

Thanks. I’ll wait for it to finish and try a reinstall.

Sorry to say it didn’t fix it for me Simon. Finally 7 days later and it’s lost connection again.

Just out of curiosity are you using FW as well?

Same here - reinstalling didn’t help, and it doesn’t last as long as yours even. Few hours.

Yes its Drobo v2 FW.

I have two machines and 2 drobos. My main machine works no problem but it’s a later MacPro (12 core), Dashboard can see its drobo all the time. The other machine (8-core MP) has the problems. Same OS, same Drobos both FW. very odd.

Ah well, the wait for Lion updates and Dashboard updates starts I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

tell me about it. I’m already feeling the rough edges in Lion…

I got similar results, but thankfully I had previously installed SSH.
With terminal, I could log into the drobo fs via ssh and reboot from there. Usually that does the trick.

This is a FW connection not a network connection to a Drobo FS. We are both using V2s with FW800.

Well, 10.7.1 installed and I guess we’ll see if there are any silent fixes. Has yours failed yet with 10.7.1 Simon?

Only just updated. Will report if it drops out, seems OK so far.

no drop outs so far.

Just checked mine after 1 day 11hrs uptime and it’s back to ‘Looking for connected devices…’ :s