How to find out whats going on with Drobo

My drobo often decides that it needs to rebuild the set.

Neither of the HDs have failed, and it will continue to function fine until the next time it just decides it doesn’t like one of my Drives and it does a rebuild.
When this happens the second drive in my 2 disk set usualy appears with a RED light, removing and re-inserting it gets it back running, or often I simply shut down and restart the Drobo to get it running.

I would LOVE to know what the heck is going on, I first thought that it was a dodgy connector on the Drobo, this is supported by the fact it normally happens when it gets bumped or moved. However I can’t rule out a dodgy drive.

A Human readable log may tell me what the heck is going on, but all I get is a red popup telling me it cant currently protect my data.

How the heck to I find out what is really going on?

14hours+ of rebuild each time is getting annoying!

just send a diagnostic file to DRI and they will tell you what is going on

Does the physical position of the drive matter?

To find out if its the slot I could put the drive in another bay, but would that trigger another rebuild?
Can I move 2 drives from the top to the bottom two (while Off of course) without needing a rebuild?
Or does the Drobo care what slot a drive is in?

No the position doesn’t matter. BUT power off your unit before you rearrange that or you will trigger a re-build. I did this last year (with DRI tech support’s advice) to determine if my drive or the SATA controller was having a problem. I’d recommend just moving one drive though (that second one), otherwise how will you know?

I was having a similar behavior with one drive. Thought it might be the slot and tried rearranging the drives with the power off and it didn’t make any difference.

Based on the assumption that drobo flagged the drive as bad, I did a reset on only that drive and I haven’t had any issues since. If nothing else works, this may fix it for you. Read this thread on reports of drives being incorrectly flagged as bad and how to reset it:

Was the red light solid or blinking?

Blinking means bad drive, solid means add a drive here.