How to do NFS uid/gid mapping when using nfs-1-2-8 on Drobo 5N?

I’m wondering whether nfs-1-2-8 (installed on my Drobo 5N) support map_static.

The man page of the install nfs package says that it does not support map_static (mentioned below). I’m wondering how to maintain uid/gid mapping when using drobo.

Your second link hts the nail in the head: “[…] most distro’s just use the kernel based NFS server, which does not include the uid/gid remapping as far as I am aware.”

The NFS server you linked from DroboPorts is the kernel version.

As far as I can tell, you need NFSv4 to be able to use rpc.idmapd. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the NFSv4 kernel modules + userland tools compiled, which means that (for now) we have only NFSv3 on the Drobo.