How to create a 8TB ext partition on linux

We have a Drobo Pro and one partition had been configured as an 8TB ext3. The other partition only shows up as 2TB is fdisk and parted on our 3.2.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.2.57-3+deb7u1 i686 GNU/Linux box.

How can we make another partition of 8TB or more? I have connected the DroboPro to my Mac and formatted it as HFS/HFS+ and exFAT, but it stills only shows up as 2TB in linux.

I have tried drobo-utils, but it appears this will erase all of the data on the first partition too, is this correct?


Is anyone able to help with this?

I’ve reset the drobo to start over again and I can create 1 x 8TB ext3 partition with drobo-utils, but subsequent partitions only appear as 2TB in size.

What is the recommended way to make use of the available space? (in my case 18GB of usable space).

many thanks,


hi james, im not sure if you can, as i remember seeing a long thread about someone else who was trying to set something up in unix/linux and was having problems.

if it lets you create lots of 2tb volumes, and if they work fine as 2tb volumes, then there (might) be a way to use another tool, to merge them up into 1 huge volume.

eg, bhiga from these board does some magic with drivebender :slight_smile: to turn multiple drobo’s volumes into a larger pool (but that might only work on windows).

have you tried raising a ticket with support in case they happen to know whether it can be done or not, and in case they have not see this post?

Hi Paul,

thanks for your reply. I’ve managed to create 2 x 16TB HFS+ partitions but our debian server is still only seeing 2TB for the second partition which is a shame. It’s a pity that drobo doesn’t support Linux or advertise the lack of compatibility.


maybe someone else can chime in until you find another solution either by support or others,

just wondering something… is you main goal, to be able to have linux see the 2nd partition as 8tb, or will it still be ok for your linux to see 8tbs worth of free space, but in smaller 2tb chunks each?

if the latter, then what happens if you create several 2tb volumes? (just wondering if you have tried that to see if it works?)

sorry i cant help much more than that but would be good to know if you find an acceptable way forward :slight_smile: