How to connect LAN and Drobo Pro to Gigabit Switch

I just purchased a new Gigabit Switch.

When I connect my LAN to the Switch and then the Switch to my PC I have internet access (static IP address).

When I then connect the Drobo Pro to the switch, it is not recognized by the PC.

However, if I remove the LAN connection and connect the Drobo PRO to the switch, it recognizes the Drobo.

How can I get my PC to be able to access the LAN and the Drobo Pro at the same time using the Gigabit Switch?[hr]
OK, just read up a little bit and switched my Drobo Pro to a static IP Address 169…

I then connected both the LAN and the Drobo to the switch and the PC to the switch as well but neither the LAN nor the Drobo work now. I’m only able to get one to work at a time even with assigning static IP addresses to both.

Ideally you want the Pro on a separate isolated network from your LAN.

Does you computer have 2 NIC cards?

No it only has one but I’m sure I could put another one in.

More importantly though, I have purchased a second Drobo Pro on which I will be backing up the data that is on my current Drobo Pro.

How can I put both Drobos on the switch and have my PC recognize them?

Then both pros will go on a switch, isolated from your network. So still a 2nd nic on your computer.