How to Connect DR04D-D to Netgear R7000

This is a 4-Bay Drobo DR04D-D purchased in 2011. Not sure what “year” it is but I can only assume it is Legacy. It has USB and Firewire ports. I am using a Netgear R7000 router.

Can someone please tell me HOW to get it connected as NAS?

My plans are to use it for time machine - Via wifi - which it was used for before (with no issues) but as a direct wire - I no longer have that computer.

Drobo discs have already been erased in prep for this change.

I am on a Macbook pro running the most recent OSX version
The Drobo dashboard is also the most recent version
The Netgear router is up to date with firmware
Comcast is the internet provider
Drobo is connected through USB to Netgear Router
It is undetectable in Finder and I don’t think it’s registering on the network either (at least I don’t think so - checking in netgear genie - but frankly I have so many things connected it would be hard to know for sure unless I knew the exact IP)

I have gone through several tries trying to get it connected - all with different sequencing. Ex) Turn off router, plug in drobo usb, power up router, power up drobo

Since the Drobo is no longer in warranty, regular support won’t respond to my query. Hoping someone here can help! I don’t want to have to buy a new one of these unless I have to! Any help is appreciated!

A couple other questions:
I assume once/if it’s connected I can use TM to backup to it from more than one computer?
Trying to completely understand how raid works: If I have 4 drives each at 1 TB each, does the drobo really have 4 TB capacity or only 1 TB capacity since each disk is a backup of the other? I’m asking so I know how to upgrade the drives accordingly.

Thanks for any and all help!

hi surf, if your drobo has usb and firewire ports, it sounds like a 2nd gen model (gen2)

to turn the Das into a Nas…without a “computer” of some sort, im not sure if it can be done safely (but please hang in there as there have been users who got a drobo to work with an xboxone so you never know) :slight_smile:

if it turns out that it definitely can not be done, then one idea could be to sell the gen2, and to get a nas model, possibly an FS or the newer 5n (which has recently been on special offer quite cheap i think)

Thanks Paul! If it’s Gen 2 it should work but I’ll wait patiently until someone with more expertise than me can solve the problem. Thanks for the tips!

ok no worries,