How to change network speed setting on Drobo 5n?

Greetings, just purchased a drobo 5n and I only see 100mb (not 1gb) under port speed when I run the drobo dashboard. It is connected to a gigabit netgear switch and the computer connected to the switch shows 1gb connection.

My question is where can I change port speed in the drobo dashboard? When I go to network settings in the drobo dashboard I only see name, workfgroup, dhcp, frame size.


Drobo will auto sense the connection speed. If its reporting 100 Mbps, then its likely connected at that speed.

Most switches will show different colors to indicate the connection speed (the Drobo’s ethernet port does this too, although I forget off-hand what color it shows for Gbps vs 100 Mbps) , so I would recommend checking the port LEDs (and perhaps compare them to other connections on your network).

In this case, trying different switch ports or different cables might help.



Cool thanks for the reply. Using the black cable which came with it in a known gigbit switch. Will swap out some stuff to see what happens thanks again.