How to backup existing Drobo data


I have a Drobo Pro with x4 2TB drives inside.
The data is an archive of my DVD collection.

Now that all the data is there - can anyone offer advice on how to make a backup of each drive?

I want to create two sets - one to keep off site.

Do I need to buy another Drobo to create a mirror?

Inexperienced user so any help appreciated.

I have the same.

First of all, kudos to you for knowing that fault-tolerance (which Drobo provides) is not the same as backup!

In my case, I have all my DVD discs readily accesible and I have an autoloader, so I wouldn’t cry too much if I lost my on-disk archive. I could always re-image the collection.

But, if your discs are locked away or otherwise not easily accessible, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have backup (except for the hurt on the wallet).
You’d want to make a backup of either:
a) The data
b) The volume

Backing up the data is the easiest. Unless you’re using some weird proprietary method to transfer the data from your DVDs to the Drobo, you should either have disc-image files (.ISO files) or folder structures (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders for each disc). Both are easy to copy to another storage medium, be it a single large volume like another Drobo, or multiple smaller volumes like portable USB drives or “loose” hard drives.

Backing up the volume is a little trickier. Mainly because it’ll generate an immensely-large image file, as the MPEG-2 compression on DVDs won’t compress very much more than it already is. So really, you’d need a volume large enough to handle your library.

Unless you’ve recompressed your library to some other, more-highly-compressed format, backing up to DVD-R would be foolish, as it’d be easier to just re-image the original discs.

If I was to back up my media Drobo, I’d get another Drobo and use that as the backup mirror.

Hope that helps!

I can see a couple of ways to do it:

As bhiga says you can backup all the data (files) somewhere else.
Recently I purchased a second Drobo unit so I can have my primary data on one and backup of my data on another.
I use the rsync tool built into Mac OS X / Linux to sync up a mirrored copy - but the Drobo Dashboad does come with the DroboCopy utility which does the same thing.
If you don’t want to purchase another Drobo you could get several 2TB hard disks and backup some of your data to each one manually.

Your Drobo has several hard disks in it. This collection is disks is your Disk Pack.
If you only want a once-off copy of your disk pack then you could clone (disk image) each of the hard disks in the disk pack.
For example you would shut down your Drobo, pop out one disk at a time and clone it to another disk using a utility like Norton Ghost (Windows), Disk Utility (OS X), or dd (OSX / Linux).
Once you have duplicated each hard disk you will then have a second disk pack identical to the first which you can store offsite.
Good way to take a once off copy but if you want to update the copy then you have to clone every disk again - a very time consuming procedure.

If cloning drives (the disk pack) remember that you’d still need a Drobo to read the disk pack.
So in that case the Drobo itself would be a single point of failure.
No Drobo, no online storage and no access to backup.

Of course if you had a spare Drobo, no more single point. :slight_smile:

EDIT: In this situation “online” means immediately-accessible, as in the online/nearline/offline storage sense and not the Internet sense. :slight_smile:

Yes I should have pointed that out bhiga!