How to add more swap space


I’m trying to figure out to to increase my Drobo 5N swap size.
I’ve seen this mentioned in various post (specifically the Crashplan 3.6.3 announcement) but I cant find any documentation to actually do it, all I found was AddSwap app in the Drobo Share section on DroboPorts.
But it mentions that they don’t work on de Drobo Fs (does this include the 5N?).

Could anybody help me out?

Thanks in advance!!


You will need ssh.

Connect to your 5N and go to /etc/init.d

Edit the file enable_swap and change the entry SWAP_SIZE_IN_MB to 256 or 512, or whatever it is that you need. Then save the file and restart your Drobo.

When I make the edits and try and save them out, I get ““enable_swap” File is read only”, and it won’t save my changes. Any ideas?

Are you "sudo"ing the editor?

When I try “sudo vi enable_swap” I’m returned with the result “-sh: sudo: not found”

Install the sudo app.

Edit: Good idea to install sudo, but we’re going about this the wrong way. If you change it via the method listed above it will revert the next time you update the Drobo’s firmware. Use the AddSwap app listed above. FS and 5N are not the same thing, it works on the 5N.