How much performance gain by going with 7200 rpm?

I currently have a 2TB + 2TB + 1TB setup, all three drives 5400rpm. Not too happy with the performance for torrenting. How much of a performance gain should I expect by going with three new 7200 rpm drives? It’s quite an expensive upgrade so I wanted to get some feedback first. Thanks

if it is a regular drobo - ZERO performance increase.

Drobo is the slow part of the chain - not your drives.

Drobo isnt very high performance anyway to begin with, but the way drobo is designed makes it particularly slow at handling lots of very small files and doing simultaneous reads and writes - which means dont run torrents on it!!

you should try running torrents on your internal hard disks - and then get them to move to drobo on completion

Is there a drobo that is more suitable for torrents? I have a regular drobo.

Completely agree. My Drobo used to be hot and have the fan on 24/7 when I used it as my active torrent store. I now do just what @docchris says, I download them to a regular external USB drive and then “archive” them to the Drobo later and remove them from the torrent client.

The faster Drobos are very expensive. If you think buying three new drives is an expensive upgrade then you’re not going to like the prices on the fast Drobos…

I’d stick with the download then archive strategy.