how many drives at once?

I have a Drobo with two 2TB drives and two 1TB drives humming away. Now, it is filling up and I just bought two more 2 TB drives. I am wondering, can I just take the two 1TB out and add the 2 2TBs? Or is there an order to it like swapping out 1 of the 1TB first wait until it finishes moving data around (20-40 hours) then add the next?

in a regular drobo - as long as it is ALL SOLID GREEN you can remove ONE drive and replace it with a new drive… then it will start flashing yellow/green -

ONLY once it is SOLID GREEN again can you remove the second drive.

if you were to pull out both drives (in theory) it would warn you that you have removed too many and ask you to replace them… but its still best not to test these things!

Settle in son as it will take 3-4 days to complete.

for a 1tb drive, more like 24-28 hours, it shouldnt take more than 48 unless you are really using it a lot at the same time.

Thanks Guys! I have already replaced two of them before but only when it warned me of the capacity being filled. Now I am just getting ahead of the game by going ahead and replacing two last 1TBs with 2TB drives. I wanted to make sure I do not risk losing any data while adding larger ones.

I think I will grab a cold one, or two, or three, or four…while waiting :slight_smile: