How loud should the fan in the V2 Drobo be?

I have read reviews of Drobo which say that Drobo is basically inaudbile, except when the HD’s are working. That is, that the fan is basically silent. But the fan in my Drobo is not. I can hear the air moving, which is normal and expected, but I can also hear other noise. It’s like a buzzing sound from inside the device. It’s basically loud enough that I can hear it anywhere in my living-room, even when I’m several meters away. And I have tried to place the Drobo in such a way that noise would be minimized (behind a wall under the stairs, outside direct line of sight).

Once the fan stops, the device is silent, apart from the crunching sound from the drives (which is normal and expected).

Should I look in to getting my Drobo replaced? I got it just few weeks ago (it was this noisy right from the start).

EDIT: I managed to record some of the noise. It’s a crappy recording, but you can hear the noise in the beginning of the recording. Is it normal?


Buzzing? Maybe its the faceplate. Try taking it off and see what happens.

I don’t think it’s the faceplate, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m not really sure how to describe the sound, but you can hear it in the recording. It’s a crappy recording, so crank up the volume a bit. In reality it sounds louder than in the recording (loud enough to be heard several meters away).

My Drobo’s fan is quite loud; it sounds like a regular fan (floor standing) on low speed. Can hear, but it’s not distracting.

A regural fan doesn’t usually make any extra noise, the only sound it produces is the air moving. But I can hear an extra sound in my Drobo. I can hear the air moving (which is normal), but I hear the “other” sound as well. And it’s the extra sound that makes the device quite loud.

The fan should not be loud at all.

Is the fan noise the same with no drives in the drobo?

If it is, go ahead an open a support case.

Hello Jennifer

I tried removing the HD’s (3x WD Green 1TB drives), but the fan made same noise. It’s definitely an additional noise that the fan is making.

Then please open a support case.

Doing so as we speak :slight_smile:

Assuming the sound toward the end of the recording wasn’t someone coughing, it sounds like something its leaning against the cage of the fan and intermittently getting stuck, stopping the motion of the fan.

My finger and I know this sound quite well…

The “coughing” sound at the end is not related to the Drobo. I believe it’s caused when I reached for the cell-phone to turn off the recording.

For some reason, only the first few seconds sound like what the Drobo sounds like, then the recoding-volume is lowered. It’s like the phone automatically adjusted the recoding-volume after few seconds.

I don’t think that there’s anything stuck at the fan or something. The fan seems to spin freely, and it’s not stopped occasionally. The noise is constant when the fan is spinning, so I think that it’s related to the bearings. When the fan stops, you can hear the noise go gradually down as the fan slows down.

Interesting. Well, I look forward to hearing what DRI support has to say.