How loud are we talking about here?

Hello all…

I’m considering a Drobo FS to replace my existing Western Digital NAS (single 1T drive). I’m quite fond of the fact that the WD NAS is silent, other than drive noise. I’m not terribly fond of no drive redundancy in the NAS though.

My home server (VMware ESXi) runs about 8-10 VMs at any given point in time, and backs to the NAS using SMB. It’s fairly slow, so I can’t imagine it being any worse than I’ve already got. :slight_smile:

My chief concern, if you haven’t already figured it out is noise. I’ve read about the buzzing/whining power supplies, but that appears to be limited to people who run at 220v. Being in the US, that’s not a concern for me - or does the whine also occur on 110v power?

Similarly, what’s the fan noise like?

If it matters (from a load perspective), I’m planning on doing the following:

  1. SMB file share for VM backups (runs generally 12a - 7a backup window). Backups are differentials, and average 1GB or less each day.

  2. SMB file share for passing files around between our 3 Macs (low volume)

  3. Occasional torrent downloads (plan on using the ported version of Transmission).

  4. Time Machine backups for our 3 Macs. The most heavily used system is mine (I know, surprising, right?). Currently using a direct attach 500GB USB drive that’s still got over 100GB free on it after about a year’s use.

I’ll probably start with 2 of the WD Green 3TB drives, adding another 1 or 2 later if needed (and keep 1 in a drawer “just in case”).

I have mine running with 5 x 3TB drives in it, and unless I literally press my ear against it, I can’t here any noise.


I wound up going with a more serious NAS offering, since SMB vmware backups have been overall, unreliable. iSCSI & NFS have been tons more reliable.

Running a 4-bay NAS with 4x3TB drives in a RAID-6. It’s silent.

Has anyone actually measured the output decibel on the Drobo FS? I really want one, but it’ll be living in my bedroom, and I’m afraid it’ll be too loud :expressionless:

I wish there was an option to disable the fan … at the expense of drive longevity :expressionless:

Under normal operation the decibel level should be around 31 dB. You can find more specifications at http://www.drobo.com/products/professionals/drobo-fs/index.php and click on the More Specifications tab near the bottom of the page.

^ it really should be lower :expressionless: a “whisper” is annoying when it’s in your bedroom

Hrm - most of the reports I recall from the noise level threads showed more in the 45db range - which is where mine is, sadly. Now that it’s out of warranty I may finally get around to replacing the fan.

My device seems to be quiet, but I do have it in my electronics cabinet that has a thermostat controlled fan. My power supply does buzz and tech support supposedly sent me one, I even talked to them on the phone about it, but the new power supply never showed up. I’m out of warranty now so I guess I’m out of luck now.

Call support back and tell them you never got it. See what they say. Lost in transit happens.

Hi Digiblur,

I sincerely apologize that you didn’t receive your replacement power supply. I will create an incident and contact you from the incident.