How long to complete Dual Disk relayout?

Hello - I’ve just finished upgrading my 8 2Tb drives to 3 Tb drives in my DroboPro. I have 9 Tb of data on the DroboPro and it was set to single disk protection. Since I now have extra space, I decided to take advantage of dual disk redundancy and I enabled that in Dashboard about 48 hours ago.

When I first started the process, it said it would take 220 hours - over a few hours that went up to about 300 hours. 48 hours later, it says 288 hours and it’s been going between about 285 and 290 all that time.

First of all, does this seem about right for 9 Tb of data? Will it eventually finish if I leave it running like this for a couple of weeks?



thats seem a bit long - with 8 x 2tb it took about 24-48 horus to enable it on mine

ANY access (i.e. search inddexing/finder) will DRAMATICALLY slow it down - as well as general usage…[hr]
sometimes rebuilds taking a long time is indicative of a drive starting to fail

once it has finished send support a log and they will tell you if one is beginning to die

Just an update - it’s a week since my original post, and dual disk redundancy relayout has been running continuously since then. I’m down to 117 hours remaining and it’s been making linear progress during this time. I’m amazed at how long it’s been taking, but it seems to me moving toward completion in the next few days (I hope!). By the way, I have not been accessing the files on the Drobo in any way during this period, so the long process isn’t related to that.


yes that is not normal - most of mine took around 48 hrous and never more than 72

AFTER it has finished - send support your log files and find out why