How long have Drobos been unavailable for purchase?

I have had my 5N forever and now it is just not working. I want to purchase a replacement (5N2), but it has not been in stock anywhere since I started looking in mid December. Any idea as to how long this has been going on and when they will have units available? I am completely at a stand still with data being held hostage from the last 8 years. HELP!!!

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They’ve been out of stock since before the pandemic. I just checked my emails for when I put myself on a waitlist at B&H Photo Video for a 5N2, and it was dated January 21st, 2020. After waiting months, I finally found one being sold second-hand (purchased in November 2019) that I purchased in June 2020. I don’t think any more Drobos will be produced at this point. It’s been over 2 years.

Maybe your unit can be fixed so you can move to a different vendor? (Synology seems popular right now) What’s wrong with your unit?



It shows green light on the bottom left and red light upper right. Dashboard says no drives found. I tried doing a reset with the button on the back and the drives out, but no luck.

I see.

Here are some troubleshooting steps I would try.

Shutdown your Drobo. Remove all drives, making sure to note what order your disk pack was in. Next, insert a single spare drive (not one from your disk pack). Turn on Drobo. Check in Dashboard if it recognizes the Drobo as having any drives. If this works, then Drobo is working, but there is something wrong with your disk pack. You might need to contact Drobo support for recovery options.

If the single drive doesn’t work, a common problem with all Drobos is failing power supplies. Even if Drobo turns on with your current power supply, it might be supplying sufficient or consistent power. Try a replacement power supply or a known-good power supply from a friend that also has a Drobo. Pretty much any generation will do; I was able to use my 12-year old Drobo FS power supply on my Drobo 5N2.

You could also buy one from Amazon and if it doesn’t work, I hear they have a quite liberal refund policy :slight_smile:. Something like this should do the trick, if you’re in the US:

Other users might be able to give more insight. @cyber_beardy and @TwinTiger are pretty active on here and always have good advice for recovery options (sorry if it’s inappropriate to call you out directly :slight_smile: ).

I hope that helps!



I don’t mind being called out, all I’d have likely suggested is try a new PSU (if you buy a generic one, get one with a higher amps rating than the original) & if it doesn’t do the trick contact support.

On searching for availability of Drobos, I found this tweet by the official Drobo account:

“The next few months”. That was just over 2 months ago. If that tweet is to be believed, we should see some 5N2s available for purchase any day now.



Yes I too have inquired about ANY update of productivity & still NO RESPONSE to my last email to the entire DROBO TEAM! See below for email submitted last week.

"Are there any encouraging updates of Drobo 5D3’s or any other Drobo products coming ONLINE SOON?

I might have to go to a different system of back-ups and I simply don’t want to because I love DROBO PRODUCTS!



Look forward to a response that will keep us REMAIN hopeful for Drobo’s return to the big stage.

Thank You"

Thanks for doing the legwork! Hopefully they give you a response. If they do, I’d be very curious to know what they say, if you can share.

But to be honest, my next system will likely be Synology or a DIY solution like TrueNAS or UnRAID.



On February 7th I received a reply from marketing Dept. “I expect more 5D3’s to be in stock in mid-late May.”

That’s the best I’ve heard so far. Let’s see what happens. Thanks for sharing your potential options. I’ve been doing the same. I super wish Drobo can begin manufacturing in the USA and bring back American pride & jobs back to USA.

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Good advice regarding failing power adapter.

I’ve had several adapters fail for different devices i.e. Lacie drive and Apple Extreme.
Possible causes I hear you ask… You are probably not using surge protection!

The power that enters the adapter are notoriously dirty caused by devices in your
home and how you interact with those devices as well as external factors. Even
switching on your light that are on the same circuit will generate power spikes!

Since installing surge protectors I’ve not had a single device fail for any reason
for nearly 10 years.

For a few bucks ($20) you can buy the basic surge protector that will save you money
and lost productivity. Don’t buy cheap, I use the APC range but Belkin is equally good.

I’ve been looking at the Fujitsu Primergy range i.e. RX1330 M5 or M4 that have also been delayed in launching products. It’s a rack mount but you get a lot more computer for your bucks with a lot more flexibility regarding software. Suspect it’s the global chip shortage, everyone is getting hammered.

Dear Customer

Thank you for your interest in the following item:

Drobo 5D3 20TB 5-Bay Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure Kit with Seagate NAS Drives (5 x 4TB)
(B&H # DRDR5D3I20)

You are receiving this message because you asked to be notified when this item becomes available. We regret to inform you that this item has unfortunately been discontinued. Please check back on our website for similar or possible replacement items.

We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. \ 10x5
Product Availability Update
\ 10x5
\ 10x116 Drobo

B&H # DRDR5D3I20
5D3 20TB 5-Bay Thunderbolt 3 Enclosure Kit with Seagate NAS Drives (5 x 4TB) ![\ 10x116]

Thank you,The B&H Web Team

I think this may be B&H that has discontinued the part, probably because they’re fed of keeping something that has been unavailable for over 2 years in their systems.

If the official Drobo Twitter account is to be believed, there will be new stock of 5D3 in the “next 3-5 months”:

They’ve been promising this for so long, though, that it feels like an empty promise.



From my view and correspondence with Drobo and BH Photo, it appears that Drobo is folding. I couldn’t wait any longer and invested in the OWC ThunderBay 4 and very pleased with it. So far no issues or hiccups from the hardware or software (SOFT RAID). The only thing that hurts is that DROBO had the simplicity factor. The robotic software-hardware configuration was a dream come true. It’s unfortunate that my loyalty to Drobo had been tested to no end and had to jump somewhere else. I am deeply saddened with this but Drobo didn’t have any other option than to leave due to lack of communication and support to new purchases.

I was a Drobo user for over eleven years. I bought my first FS in 2010. When it failed in 2015 I bought a 5N. In 2017 I purchased 2x 5N2’s so that I wouldn’t be at the mercy of a single component failure.

Then the pandemic hit, and unfortunately for me the first 5N2 died in November of 2021. I couldn’t replace it. The second one died in March of this year, and all of that investment in redundant hardware failed me. $3,479.28 in drives and enclosures over that time period, or $298.37 per year. Ironically the 5N still worked, but you can’t walk a drive stack backwards to work with a “lesser” enclosure.

I opened a support ticket even though my enclosures were well outside of their warranty. Drobo offered to ship me a functioning 5N2 so that I could retrieve my data, at a cost of $99 plus return shipping. To be clear, I paid them $698 to secure the loaner device, and when I returned it they refunded $599. I was very grateful for that option, as $99 is a cheap price to recover 8 TB’ worth of data.

For now I am done with personal NAS. I’ve moved my data backups onto cloud storage. Yes, I have an annual cost but it is far less than $298/yr. And as a small benefit, my monthly electric bill has also gone down.

I looked at cloud option for me as well, but with the amount of videos I got, it doesn’t make sense… specially when I need videos and files ASAP to edit something ASAP cause the client needs it yesterday and my delorean with a flux capacitor add-on is in the shop. But happy it worked for you :slight_smile: