How long does relayout take with big volumes

I’ve a 1Tb,750g,1t,1t drobo 2nd gen. I just popped the 1tb and inserted a 2tb drive. Relayout is now 54 hours on the dashboard. I have 1.5Tb of data.

Has anyone done this with 4 2Tb drives to see how long it takes if you pop and replace a drive?

doesn’t sound outlandish. with 3x500, have seen 20 hours +

Why did you pop a 1tb you won’t gain any space you would have been better off popping the 750

I just popped another 2Tb in just now. 36 hours is how long it took to go green again after popping the 1tb. I just swapped another 1Tb for the 2Tb just now. So, I’m now 1Tb, 750Gb, 2Tb, 2Tb.

The 750Gb wasn’t attractive as a spare drive to use so I pulled the 1Tb instead. I’ve freed up two 1Tb drives now for other stuff.

Popped out 1TB from 4x1TB Drobo last week. Relayouting took about something between 28 & 32 hours (don’t know for sure, as I was out working whilst it completed).