How Long Does A Repair Take?

I give up … Is there a formula for how long a Repair should take? I have seen the request for a progress bar, I’d even accept a $ Complete in the Dashboard. I am on my second day and have seen posts referring to 6 days, 14 days, etc.

I am not sure what to expect … The green activity light continues to stay lit, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

Just no sure how long I should expect to wait before thinking the Repair is locked or failed all together.

Any thoughts?

A general rule-of-thumb is 1 TB per day.

Perfect … So that’s 1TB /day of used space, available space or total space … ??

I have (5) 3TB Drives
Just over 10TB Available
And 4.5TB Used

So, if its used, I’ve got about 5 days … Available ~10 days … and Drive space ~15 days.

I am guessing used space, thus 5 days … But could be wrong.

Thanks for the help/response AzDragonLord …

OH …And initially in the Repair the Dashboard could see the Drobo, now it cannot find it thought the drive lights are all green, used space lights are blue and the activity light is solid green. Hope that’s still OK.

hi mighty, just to follow on from dragon, its 1tb of data that you have on the drobo.
(if the drobo gets accessed or you are updating files on it as well, it can slow down the process a little, but usually 1 day per 1tb as dragon mentions)

Thanks Paul … Actually, I am doing the Repair because I cannot access my Drobo since we had a recent power outage. Everything I tried didn’t work, thus this was my last resort. That said, all the drives are still green and the blue data lights still appear correct. So, I am basically in the wait process with ~4.5TB of data and Repair running about 2.5 day now.

Hoping for the best … :slight_smile:

ok fingers crossed for you too :slight_smile: please let us know how things go…

Still waiting … Holding my breath … Wednesday is a week … Will let you know if it works out for me …

Ugh … 9 days and still waiting … Of course I get an email that Drobo has its last Firmware update for the Drobo FS ever and I can’t update it. Makes me wonder if the last update I applied just before starting the Repair is causing it not to show up in the Dashboard. Of course it won’t allow me to update the firmware now either … :-/

himighty, ive seen more recently that a safe shutdown and a reboot is usually good to do after an update, and before trying anything else (where possible) such as drive upgrades etc, just to make sure that everything was updated smoothly and still working fine again.

i dont think you should try any firmware updates while rebuilding though, but the loss of access from dashboard (and sometimes the computer) can happen occasionally, especially during some complex parts of a rebuild, but maybe in your case, the firmware patch triggered some maintenance on the drobo, and it could be that which is slowing down your rebuild. (if you can still feel drives through the drobo chassis vibrating and chattering/making usage noises etc, then its probably still churning through the rebuild, and maybe we could factor in double the normal time, which should hopefully be by midweek fingers crossed)