How Green is Drobo and Droboshare?

Does Drobo do anything to save Power/Energy when there is no network access to the information it manages? If so, what does it do? I would love if it had some green features. That is why I bought a Droboshare, so I wouldn’t have to have a full PC on all the time while still having network access to my information when I need it. But does Droboshare use as much energy as a decently efficient PC?

If no green features in this generation of Drobo, any plans for future generations?

The disks spin down after 15 mins of inactivity.

Power stats are on the Drobo product info page
Idle system (standby, drives off) = 5 watts
Typical idle system - idle, drive spin down mode (one drive) = 12 watts
Typical busy system (four drives) = 40 watts

As a comparisson according to Apple’s product page the “Mac mini is the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer”
Idle 13W
CPU Max 110W

Even with a DroboShare it will come in well under a computer.