How do you wake Drobo from stand-by mode?

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What is the best way to wake Drobo from stand-by mode?

Also, is putting the Drobo in stand-by mode regularly at all harmful to the Drobo?

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either unplugging and re plugging the cable if your machine is running, or power cycling your machine and it will wake up drobo when it reboots

its not harmful at all but may not be terribly useful, i dont think there is a huge difference between drobo with its disks spun down (as it does after 15 minutes) or drobo in standby, except for that in one case its inaccessible and a pain to wake back up

i think the logic was that you would only want to standby it if you were going to unplug it, therefore its fine to get it to wake up when you plug it back in

Its the single biggest douche of the drobo and droboshare. Yup thats right, that drobo you have tucked away in the wardrobe upstairs or in the garage outside. You can put it into standby but you have to physically remove electric from it, and put it back, to get it back to working.


or just restart the machine it is attached to?

or just not put it into standby in the first place?

I don’t put my Drobo in standby unless I’m going away on vacation or something. The drives will spin down when idle.

Thanks all.

The reason why I would want to put it into standby mode is to attempt it to be quiet when I need it to be.

Well to complete the standby process, you need to unplug the usb/fw cable after it goes into standby.

Why oh why does it not just wake automatically like all of my other external drives?

When I put my Mac to sleep, all drive including the drobo go into standby mode. When I wake my Mac, the drobo is the only drive that does not wake.

It should wake when your machine comes out of standby, mine does (on a PC)