How do I restart samba?

For some odd reason samba has ceased to function on my Drobo FS. It just isn’t running. Can I do the following without losing my data?

1- downgrade the firmware to 1.03 ( can a drive pack from 1.04 go to into a 1.03 Drobo FS?)
2- reinstall 1.04 over my current 1.04
3- remove the drives, reset the Drobo FS using the pinhole method and then put them back in. The documentation seems to imply that you will lose the data on the drives.

I am a bit worried about the ability of the Drobo FS to retain the ability to read drive packs. With the 1st and 2nd generation I moved them back and forth all the time. Now even a reset to factory defaults ( with no drives in) has me worried about it being able to read the drive pack.

Any other suggestions? Could running NS have disabled samba?

For whatever reason, I need samba working. It doesn’t and hence the Drobo FS isn’t serving 30% of the systems.

Thank’s … philip

I recently had a problem with my Drobo FS were i could not access any files even though the dashboard saw the drobo. What i did was just manually reload the latest firmware.

I would give that a try before downgrading the firmware, just reload the latest.

Did you keep the hard drives in when you did that?


Yes, i did keep the hard-drives in, although looking back if i actually thought it was going to work (I was trying everything before DRI sent me a new FS) I probably would have removed the drives. I didn’t have anything on there that i didn’t have multiple copies of anyhow.

So guess what I am saying, if you have back-ups, leave the drives in, it didn’t hurt mine. If you don’t have back-ups don’t risk it.