How do I move drobo dashboard to new computer for NAS drobo 5n


I can access drobo 5N everywhere using finder, but DD hasn’t been able to find any drobo for years on old imac running Sierra. Tried everything. Drobo support suggested uninstalling and reinstalling which of course didn’t work. So I thought I would just download DD and install it on my MacBook Pro running Mojave even though I’ve read there have been similar problems with that OS as well.
Is it as simple as just uninstalling on the imac and installing on the MacBook Pro? Or are there complications doing that. I can’t get DD to work on the imac if I have to use it to make the move.
I can’t be the first to do this, but I can’t find any help on the drobo site.


You don’t need to “move” the Drobo Dashboard from one computer to the other. No uninstall necessary, just install a copy on the MacBook Pro. I have the identical setup and it works just fine.

Also try setting up Manual Drobo Discovery in the Dobo Discovery Settings of DD by specifying the IP address of the Drobo.