How do I know my data is protected?

I have just added 2 x 2 TB drives to my my Drobo which now has 2 x 1 TB and 2 x 2 TB installed. I had not made sufficient allowance for expansion when I first set it up so I used reset in Drobo Dashboard, set the max storage to 16 TB and allowed Drobo to reformat (HFS+).

I have now copied about 890 GB to the Drobo. I have 4 green lights and two blue lights which seems fine. However, I have not seen the blinking green and yellow indicating that Drobo is going through optimization. Is this OK?

I apologise for asking such a basic question but how do I know that Drobo is protecting my data? To me it looks like I might have just a large external drive.


blinking green and yellow means that drobo is rebuilding lost data (because a drive failed or was removed)

optimisation/redistribution/de-fragmentation all occur in the background and are transparent to the end user - they do not produce flashing lights.

Flashing lights are only used as an indication that redundancy has been lost and is being rebuilt and therefore do no remove any drives.

Thanks for the reply - I’m reassured.