How do I find which model Drobo I have


I have 2 Drobos and one has failed. I want to migrate to the other one but for the life of me I can’t work out the model numbers of each Drobo and therefore whether I can do it. I can see the migration table -


but that refers to Gen 1, Gen 2 etc… Drobo model numbers are just so confusing. One of them is marked as a DR04D-D, the other is DDR3-A. Can someone please relate these to the model numbers as per the migration table for me please. Or point me to a link that explains it.


I Google search leads me to believe the DR04D-D is a Gen2 4-bay Drobo while the DDR3-A is a Gen3 4-bay Drobo.


Given that my Gen 3 model is the one that is broken, is there any way I can recover my data using the Gen 2 model ?


hi anthony, from the migration matrix table, i dont think that is possible… and may even risk the data if you try, though it looks like you could try migrating to another gen3 model, or one of the 5D models, (which could be useful for you in the future in terms of an extra drive bay to help better utilise the Dual Disk Redundancy feature with more storage) if that is an option for you at the moment.


Excellent post. Thank you very much!!