How do I best move Itunes music, iphoto photos, imovie movies (etc) to Drobo FS


I’m a proud new owner of a Drobo FS.

I got it working on my MBP running ancient 10.4.11 Tiger. If you need explanation how to do this, please see my post here (disclaimer - I didn’t figure it out – however, it’s easier to set up than most 10.4.11 network locations):

I’m using my ancient PC to utilize drobo dashboard currently when I need to adjust something that requires it, but I’m trying to get my MBP files cleared and all on to the drobo currently.

I stupidly actived FileVault and it prevents me from uninstalling until I clear most of the hard drive. There are many glitches with upgrading to 10.5 and 10.6 while FileVault is activated, so I’m trying to get it uninstalled asap.

Growing up with PCs and then getting my first MBP 4 years ago, I still don’t understand how Itunes and Iphoto likes to “control” the file, stead of letting the user mess around with the file like in Windows. Apple seems to want me to do any changes with the file from their software. If they want me to change a tag on an mp3, I’m “supposed to do it from itunes” and not from right clicking on the file and adjusting the .mp3 like in windows. Therefore, I’m worried that when I start do file-based manuvers when transitioning my music to my drobo-fs that @@@@ is going to hit the fan. If you have an tips on this topic please share.

Below are a series of questions that I am hoping to get answered:

How to Save your Itunes Music on Drobo FS to share with all your macs and PC:
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How to save you Imovie movies on Drobo FS to share with all your macs and PC:
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How to save all your Iphoto photos on your drobo fs to share with all of your macs and PCs:
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How to save your Mac’s Address Book to your drobo FS so that it is most useful and not just a back-up of the one you have on each computer:
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How do I best move my IDvD movies to my Drobo FS for best use by multiple computers?:

How do I best move my GarageBand files to my Drobo FS for best use by multiple computers?:

How do I best move my PhotoBooth pics to my drobo FS for best use by multiple computers?:

Thanks guys!!

I recently moved my iTunes collection over to the drobo. It’s actually pretty easy.

  • Create a folder on the drobo where you want to store your music. eg. Public/music

  • Open iTunes and goto iTunes=>Preferences

  • Goto the Advanced tab

  • Click the Change button next to iTunes Media folder location

  • Browse to the location on your drobo and press OK.

  • Make sure both Keep iTunes Media folder organized and Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library are checked.

  • Press OK again

  • Goto File=>Library=>Organize Library.

  • Make sure Consolidate files is checked and press OK.

This might take awhile depending on how much music you have. It will leave a copy of your music on your laptop. If you want to remove the duplicate folders on your laptop open your profile and goto Music/iTunes. Folders on your drobo are safe to remove on your laptop. DO NOT DELETE EVERYTHING IN THE iTUNES FOLDER. The library database is stored in the iTunes folder.

I’ve been wondering how to do this…thanx!

although (at least in older versions of itunes) if you tried to play music without the network drive connected, it would reset the location of your library to the local drive. and completely get the library confused in the process. Don’t know if this still happens.

If you replace the “iTunes Media” folder that is the default location with an alias to the remote location, it will always find it. (name the alias as “iTunes Media”), it might be “iTunes Music” depending on the version of iTunes you’re using.

Best part about that is, it’s easy to fix if your library changes location, so for instance you copy the music library to an external drive if you’re going to be away from home, just replace the alias with one that points to the new location, and iTunes will never know the difference.

My library used to be on an external drive before i got the drobo, If i was at home, it was plugged into another computer and i would access over the network, if i was away, i would connect the drive directly to my laptop. used it that way for several years with no problems.
although now i have an extra step of syncing the library on the drobo to the one on the external, before and after my trip.

I can’t speak for previous version of osx, but 10.6 will reconnect the drive if it’s not mounted when you try to play a song.