How can I check if my Drobo is 1st or 2nd Gen? (Solved)


Soon I’ll would need to buy a new HD and checking specs[1] I’m not now sure which generation is my Drobo.

This is the info drobom gives about the device:

[olea@patxuko ~]$ sudo drobom info
Drobo Name: Drobo disk pack Devices: /dev/sdc
      Time: Fri May 24 12:01:56 2013
Configuration maxima: slots: 4, luns: 16, lunsize: 2 TB
Capacity (in GB):  used: 1378, free: 114, total: 1493
protocol version:  0.11
SCSI emulation information:
Vendor: TRUSTED   Model: Mass Storage     Revision: 2.00
/dev/sdc: bus=scsi5 channel=0 id=0 lun=0 (vendor=TRUSTED , version=30527)
query slotinfo result:  number of slots: 4
slot   GB                Model               Status
   0  500          ST3500321CS               yellow
   1  500          ST3500413AS                green
   2  500          ST3500418AS                green
   3 1000         ST31000524AS                green
Firmware: 1.4.2
Revision: 1.254 ( 50341 ) built: May 18 2012,16:01:50
/dev/sdc /media/Drobo01 Drobo disk pack 92% full - (['Yellow alert'], 0)
query options result: 
	RedThreshold 95
	YellowThreshold 85
lun     size (GB) used    PTFmt  FStype:
  0     2199      1378      GPT ['EXT3'] 

I’m not sure how interpret this -the fw 1.4.* version or the revision=2.0 could suggest it’s a 2nd Gen but I can’t be sure.

Any guidance? Thanks in advance.


1st gen - USB only
2nd Gen - USB & Firewire

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You are on firmware 1.4.2, so that’s a Gen 2. The Gen 1 stops at 1.3.8.

1.4.X does add support for >2TB drives so if you are looking to upgrade drives and free up some space, go for it!

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