Hitachi NAS Drives Compatibility and Performance

Hi All,

I went through the hard drive compatibility list and while it shows Hitachi desktop drives, it does not list the Hitachi NAS drives. Hitachi has always made good drives and the 7200 rpm NAS drive seems like a sweet spot between the enterprise SATA and the 5K NAS drives from WD & Seagate.

I’m considering 4 x 3TB setup with Drobo’s RAID & a single failure disk.

Hitachi model #HDN724030ALE640

Just wondering if anyone has already used this or if it’s been tested in the Drobo 5D with a RAID configuration.

Thank you.

I’ve never used them, but I believe they will work just fine.

I would think so as well.

The reason I want to verify, and hopefully someone from Drobo support will see this, is that these Hitachi drives are not on their compatibility list. I also saw that the Hitachi Deskstar had issues with the Drobo Traveller.

Since the different vendors implement features differently, I was hoping their was some existing experience with these drives and how well their perform in a RAID configuration in the Drobo devices.

I checked the Hitachi compatibility list and they have tested their drives against several vendors but not Drobo.

hi bimmer, yes it’s always great to know officially which drives are supported…
maybe it is in the process of being qualified?

Thanks for the link. It was informative seeing that Drobo is working on testing newer drives.
Hopefully they’ll get to the HGST NAS drives.


just FYI… .

Not in a Drobo, but in a different server, I have recently purchased a pair of HSGT Deskstar NAS 6TB drives, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They are fast cool and quiet! (and absolutely amazing value).

I’m using 5 6TB HGST Deskstar NAS drives in my 5D. I couldn’t be happier with them, although if I have one complaint it would be that they are a bit noisy. Great performance and reliability.