Hitachi 3Tb drives?

I know the WD 3Tb drives have been certified for use in Drobo with new firmware, but has anybody tried the new Hitachi 3Tb drives? They look like they’d be real power hogs, but faster.

unles you have a droboelite they wont make your drobo go any faster…

Yeah, but will they work at all? I.e. do they suck too much power, is the firmware supported, etc.?

In other words, has anybody actually tried 'em? For one thing, they’re marginally cheaper than the WD drives, at least from Newegg.

I’m trying to use one in my drobo 2nd gen, and it keeps coming up as Bad Disk.
I know the disk works because i used it to copy files (in rebuilding the Drobo).

Now i want to pop the Hitachi 3tb into the Drobo to increase my overall capacity.

I know the formatting of the drive might be a little unusual (as i had issues formatting 3tb on my Mac via firewire.
But i expect the drobo should handle the reformatting etc.

It does appear in the drobo dashboard as 3tb, albeit its flashing red and saying bad disk.

Any clues on what i can do?

cvee - Drobo V2 does not yet support 3TB drives. Get in line for the wait. There are many ahead of you (look back through the Drobo forum a few pages to see the folks just in front of you :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the heads up.
AFTER i posted i kept looking, and DID discover that my Drobo is NOT yet supported for 3TB. :wink:

I came back to update this post, but you had already beat me to it.

Now i guess its a waiting game.


Hiya, I’m using 4 of them in my Drobo S (1st gen) and they’re awesome. I’d like 5 (of course) but stock is an issue. No idea on power consumption though. No issues with compatibility. Additional capacity FTW.

I’ve got 5 of them in a rackmounted Nas - they are exactly 10 celcius hotter than the WD GP

I’m changing them ASAP!

I was looking at these: HITACHI Deskstar 0S03230 3TB 5400 RPM 32MB
is that what you were using?

Whats the best price/performance for a 3TB drive right now

No, these:
3TB Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache,

i havent even seen the 5400rpm ones in the uk

Out of curiosity what Synology unit are you using. I just ordered the RS2211+.