Pure-FTPd Password Change
I have the Drobo FS and Pure-FTPd software on it, I have it working as I want taking Backups from another location. Problem is the USER NAME and PASSWORD is “root”. I want to change both of these but I cannot figure out how !I have Dropbear installed and also Have a peice of software called WINSCP but Im not sure what files I have to access, I have been tryying the passwd file in the etc directory but no luck. Maybe it is the way Im doing it , maybe it is different software I should be using. HELP !!!

If you do a search of this forum, you will find several threads that discuss what you are wanting to do (as well as the issues several of us are having with the way the Drobo overwrites the /etc/passwd file.

read this thread and search for “root password” to find others.