Help with opening ports & setting up Oxygen Cloud

Hi, I’m new to this forum and new to using Drobo. I just got a Drobo FS and have it running on my network with 3 macs (each running snow leoparad) I’ve been able to get droboapps admin utility installed and would like to get oxgyen cloud running but I’m not sure how to open up a port on my airport extreme or open up ports on my firewall. (do I need to set up a static IP?) I’ve done some searching on Google but haven’t found any useful info. I would be grateful for any help as this seems pretty confusing to me. Oh, and yes, I’ve read the set up page on the Oxygen site which seems very helpful for the drobo part of it, but not for the port set up.


I’m kind of surprised that one would need to open ports. Things like Pogoplug and Homepipe don’t require it. What happens with them is that your equipment makes a connection to their server, and that opens a return path to your equipment. If you want to access something from home from the outside, you connect to their server and it acts a a rendezvous server to put the endpoints into direct communication then steps out of the way.

I didn’t need to open/forward any ports… As Spiney says, it’s a client app on your computer, so it “reaches out” to their server, and that connection is used.

Thanks for your quick responses. I tried but it didn’t list my router. I finally called oxygen cloud support and they walked me through opening the ports. After that I was able to follow the rest of their directions on getting this app working. I’m still confused as to how others can access your drobo fs files. Do they have to download and install the oxygen cloud software? I was hoping that they could access files from a web page. Or mobile app?

I could be wrong on this one, but I believe the Oxygen client software is required, at least at this point. Oxygen seems more targeted toward business use.

I (also) use Dropbox - Dropbox files can be accessed via web and mobile - but a Dropbox account is still required.

Hello Merietta

If you follow the instructions on the oxygencloud site, you should be able to set it up perfectly. I have had mine running for about 3 months and it works great. You only have to forward that 1 port on your router to point to your DroboFS. If you have issues with how to do that, you need to read the help manual for your router. There are no settings you need to do on the drobo except for installing the app.