help with droboapps...


So I just got my Drobo FS yesterday, was quite excited, got the drives in it and set it up and got some shares going, all good to that point.

Then I started trying to get apps working, not so excited anymore.

I cannot get any apps to work whatsoever. I am using the correct FS versions. I installed apache and the droboadmin app, but I have no way of knowing if these are running, how to configure them, or anything. Going to the http://ip-of-drobofs:8080/droboadmin/ page does not connect (yes I put my drobo’s IP in there).

There needs to be a guide on here for all the rest of us who are not programmers to get these things working. I am an engineer and I’m having difficulty here, this is not good.

Thanks for your help

Hey zerofivenataku,

At which stage of this process was it not successful?

  1. In the drobodashboard you tickied the “Support DroboApps” checkbox.
  2. You see a new “DroboApps” share appear.
  3. You mount the DroboApps share on your host machine.
  4. You take your (for example apache) .zip file, uncompress it and find the apache.tgz file.
  5. Copy the apache.tgz file into the root of the DroboApps share.
  6. You shutdown and restart your DroboFS.
  7. Remount your DroboApps share.

Do you see either an apache directory or your apache.tgz file there?



All of those steps have completed successfully. I have the apache directory in my droboapps mount, as well as the droboadmin. I go to the address the droboadmin readme said to go to after I install both, and it cannot connect.

Is some config required of apache? There was no setup information given with either of these really, or any app I have seen for that matter.

Try just going to http://ip-of-drobofs:8080

You should see something at that URL if you have Apache installed successfully.

Got nothing. All I did was simply install the apache app. I did not do any additional config. Haven’t found anything to say what config is required, or how to do it.

Did you restart the FS?

Yes, I restarted it after installing apache, and then again after droboadmin. I also turned it off over night since the FS will not spin down the drives currently (I believe this is a firmware issue they are aware of)

Can you install the dropbear app, ssh into the box and show us the output of:

netstat -na



I installed dropbear onto the drobo in the same manner, opened up the terminal and tried to ssh into the drobo, all I can get is connection refused. Perhaps there is some key step here that I am missing, since nothing at all seems to work on this drobo

I got things to work, so I can get into my drobo apps and got ssh going and firefly.

I go to the droboapps admin app and go to install apps, and get this error message

Warning: file() [function.file]: php_network_getaddresses: gethostbyname failed. errno=11 in /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/droboadmin/www/index.php on line 301

Warning: file(http://www.drobo.com/droboapps/feed/textfs.php) [function.file]: failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: gethostbyname failed. errno=11 in /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/droboadmin/www/index.php on line 301

Anyone seen this before?

That means that the drobo was unable to reach out and touch www.drobo.com to grab the list of available applications to download.

Does your drobo get its IP address from a dhcp server or did you configure the address statically using the drobo dashboard?

If the latter, double-check your DNS settings for it.


The drobo gets its ip through dhcp, but it is directly connected through my mac for now, could that be causing some of the issues?

I have the same issue, posted it in another thread and saw this one. I also am connecting to a mac (macbook) as well. Did anyone find a simple solution? I have reinstalled and rebooted too many times to count at this point, followed any fixes and nothing seems to work. I simply just want to share my music around the house :).

Any help to a newbie would be much appreciated.

Help? :slight_smile:

If your droboFS is configured to get it’s ip address via DHCP and you aren’t connected to a DHCP server then it won’t work as you expect it to. Even if it has an IP address and you are connecting it directly to your mac it doesn’t have a path to your router. The gateway address is probably your router and not your mac. If the gateway address on your Drobo it your Mac’s IP address it still won’t work unless you have installed routing software on your Mac.

Connect it directly to your router (or a switch coming off of your router) and then try.

Thank you for the help, works great.