Help with data recovery

My Drobo 5N Died so i bought another 5n, When i put my disks in the new 5n they all show and show in a good state but they are all red and the dashboard says to many disks removed so i cant access my data…
Anything i can do to fix this?

Did you insert the disks as a “disk pack”? That is, all at once and in the same order they were in from your previous device, before powering on your new device? If not, try that. So, turn off your new Drobo. Insert all the drives while the Drobo is offline, in the same order they were in on your old Drobo. Then power on your new Drobo. See if that nets better results.

I did that, when mine died i labeled the drives in order put them in the new drobo then turned it on,
It sees all the drives as healthy and good but the dashboard still shows critical as to many drives removed.

Suggest you turn all off, remove your labelled HDDs and then insert 2 spare HDDs into the Drobo, and then restart. The Drobo should initiate the 2 spare HDDs, so check all is OK with your Dashboard.

If OK, then turn all off again, and remove the spare HDD array and reinsert your original HDD Array in drive order and restart all.

RIght now i have 4 8tb drives in the drobo working fine, FIrmware is updated to the latest.
If i shut it down and put my 5 Drives from my old drobo it will boot fine but give the to many drives removed.

Oh wow, that sounds… not good.

I did find this thread on the topic. It’s for a different model, but the information seems pertinent:

If you are still eligible for DroboCare (I am guessing your device is out of warranty), it might be worth your while to sign up for it to get official help from Drobo.

Ya thats not even a option for my unit.

How did you get a new one? My 5N died. I have lost access to a TON of vital data. And no one has DROBO in stock anywhere. I’ve heard DROBO is going under. I am desperate to get a new one or figure out how to migrate my data to a new system. Did you get yours second hand?

All you can do is keep checking stock & watch the used market to get another, there’s an ongoing shortage of PC components & peripherals generally at present tied to a general (pandemic related) chip shortage, it’s not just Drobos try buying eg a new graphics card, funny thing is nobody is suggesting AMD or NVidia are going under just because of supply problems. Car production has even been affected, can’t get supplies to build the on-board computers & engine management boxes.

If you genuinely can’t get hold of a replacement new or used & it’s urgent, then recovery software (UFS Explorer or ReclaiMe Pro) are possibilities.

Yes it was second hand from Ebay, According to Drobo i should be able to just pop in my Drive pack and good to go. That was not the case for me and i had to accept the data loss, i have since moved on from Drobo. Good Luck with your recovery