Help with connecting to Droboshare from Android device

I have tried ES File Manager and AndSMB but both fail to connect saying the user/password is incorrect which is odd since I do not have a user/password set on my Droboshare. My Sonos system connects to it with no complaints as does my wifi Blu-ray so I know that I should be able to connect from other wifi devices. In the set-up on both applications I have tried defining the server as the Drobo name and the ip address also with and without the shared Drobo folder and no matter what I just get an error saying bad user/password. I did see a thread where Drobo FS users have had success getting ES File Manager to work (although no hints as to how) so I would have thought I could get it work with my Droboshare since it is essentially just a two-box FS. Any help would be greatly appreciated.