Help with 5D reformat

Hello. I’ve got a 5D with the following drives installed:
4TB (original drive)

As you can see over the years I’ve added larger capacity drives. Until recently the Drobo 5D’s maximum storage per volume was relatively low. Now it’s up to 64TB (correct me if I am wrong). So I have it currently configured as two volumes which does not serve me very well (Volume 1 is 18.79TB, Volume 2 is 10.2TB).

I plan to reformat the drive in order to have one single volume. Am I doing this right?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Let me add for clarity, that Volume 1 is reporting 3.35TB available, and Volume 2 is reporting 11.16TB available. Can I expect a combined single volume to provide me with 14.51TB available?

Use the capacity calculator to see approximately what you’ll end up with
Capacity Calculator - Drobo
You’ll need to do a reset rather than just a format though, format will just format the existing volumes.

Thanks much. Is there a guide to doing a reset somewhere or is it simply done through the Dashboard?

User guide
Drobo Online User Guide
Drobo Online User Guide - Resetting

Thanks so much. Seems pretty straightforward but of course always nerve wracking to delete files.