Help Using Disk Warrior on Drobo

Hi all
I have been having a problem with folders showing on the drobo as having 0KB and no sub folders when i know there is content and sub folders there.

I was connecting to the Drobo via Droboshare on local ethernet network.

When i connected via usb direct i could see the folders as they should be.

I was advised to try Disk Warrior but having done this and carried out a practice rebuild of the structure, DW has listed quite a few errors and says old structure cannot be replaced with new and i am still unsure of how to progress from this point.

Are there any Disk Warrior gurus out there who would take a look at the log generated and give me some advice as i have 2.7TB of data that i cannot afford to loose ( i thought this was the whole point of Drobo that you cannot loose data!!! ).

any help greatly appreciated.

Try Alsoft support ?

Have you tried disk utility via USB?

I have found sometimes an initial repair via disk utility will allow further repairs using Disk Warrior.

BTW - which version of Disk Warrior?

And, I wouldn’t contact Alsoft, since they don’t make Disk Warrior. I would try ProSoft Engineering.

AFAIK, ProSoft Engineering makes Data Rescue, not Disk Warrior, as the link you provided shows.

Oops. Yup. I was thinking about Drive Genius, not Disk Warrior. :slight_smile:

Does DiskWarrior actually do anything for Drobo? I love DW but since Drobo is thin provisioned I wonder about the efficacy of optimizing what amounts to a virtual directory.

As for the 0KB folder thing I have something similar with NAS shares accessed via AFP (similar to using Droboshare) so I suspect that this is a Mac issue (AFP or SMB) rather than a Drobo issue. Especially if they are accessible when accessed locally.

[quote=“Buzz_Lightyear, post:6, topic:2016”]
Does DiskWarrior actually do anything for Drobo?[/quote]
Nothing more than rebuilding the Directory, when sometimes Disk Utility cannot.

Open a support case. The Disk Malfunction can be caused by a port, cable, or drive.

You can also boot your computer from the Disk Warrior CD and run it from there.