Help! Unreachable After New WD RED Installed

My 5N ran out of available useable space. My dashboard informed me to replace the smallest drive in my array which was a 1.5TB drive, which I have already done on a few occasions.

On those occasions when I needed to increase capacity I replaced my smaller drives with WD RED NAS Drives in either 3TB or 4TB models without any issues.

However this time around I seem to have an issue. The new drive has been recognised within Dashboard as an SSD, I didn’t think to much of it at the time as I could still use and access my data and Dashboard was reporting the rebuild was underway.

Unfortunately after leaving my Drobo overnight to rebuild I can no longer access my data on my Mac. My Drobo is available under ‘Locations’ in Finder but I get a ‘Connection Failed’ message every time I try to connect.

My Drobo is also being temperamental within Dashboard and not staying connected for long and causing Dashboard to become unresponsive and it needs to be Force Quit.

The Drobo itself is still flashing Yellow/Green and within Dashboard it’s indicating that Data Protection is in Progress but not giving a time to completion.

After reading other threads it appears that WD RED’s are now no longer recommended by Drobo due to WD using SMR technology in the drives, and it appears I’m not the only Drobo user to be stung by this issue.

My question is how can I fix my Drobo and access my Data? Would I be able to remove the new 3TB WD RED and reinstall my 1.5TB drive to fix the drive pool?

If it is still flashing yellow-green you should still be able to access your drive to copy off your important data, if you have not maintained an external copy. Do that first.

The Drobo is still flashing Yellow/Green. I was able to connect to it and access my data ok yesterday after installing the new replacement drive.

However today I cannot. The Drobo is still flashing Yellow/Green and it’s showing on my network however I get a Connection Failed message when I try and connect to it in Finder.

This is only a suggestion as my experience is with direct connectied not network connected Drobos. Continue at your own risk.

If you drobo was trying to use the new hdd to replicate data, then in theory there is no change to the remaining HDDs in your array.
Turn off your drobo (and your Mac) and then remove the new hdd.
Leaving the slot empty turn your Mac and then the drobo back on.
You will get all sorts of error messages but it should regain finder access to your depleted array and It will be blinking yellow/green.
Make your external copy of your data. Do not write to your drobo.
Buy a drobo recommended hdd and reinsert to start replication.

I have not tried this but it would be the path I would take. No guarantees you won’t lose your data though - sorry.

EDIT: This assumes you have previously restarted your Mac independently to try to reestablish connection, but it still failed.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll hold it in reserve, I’m waiting to hear back from Drobo Support as I’ve logged a support ticket.

I’ve paid for DroboCare one-off incident support.

Hopefully everything will be ok and my data is alright.