Help Understanding my Drobo 5D (file loading issue)

What is driving this question is that in Lightroom, sometimes pictures (that are on a Drobo 5D) take forever to load (it says “Loading…” with a spinning icon). I don’t know if it is a Lightroom or a Drobo issue. I’ve googled r.e. Lightroom and haven’t found anything. I am using Windows 10.

I have five 2 TB drives in my Drobo. I have Dual Disk Redundancy enabled. One question is that I only see 3 drives in Windows File Explorer. Only one of those shows data (I am confused why I only see 3). In Drobo Dashboard, under status it shows the 5 drives. Under “Volumes”, I only see the 3… the data one has 1.44 TB used, the second one has 2.77 GB used and the third has 2.73 GB used. Under “Capacity: Usage” it says 5.41 TB available for data, 0 reserved for expansion, 3.67 TB used for protection, and 9.55 GB for overhead.

Does anything seem off to you, and if someone can explain why I only see 3 drives, I’d appreciate it.

What you see is normal if you intended to have 3 (or more) volumes rather than just one volume, as it relates to how your Drobo was originally set up, or how it has been progressively added to over time.

Please confirm back if you want to reset your Drobo to a single more efficient volume, but first make sure you have an external confirmed copy of your data, as it will involve losing all your data on the Drobo during the reset. This would also assist in solving your load problems.
Also, if you are intending to upsize a minimum of 2 of your HDDs in the Drobo, this would be a good time to do it, so have them on hand too.