Help: Replace drive with a bigger one!!!

I have a Drobo 5N with 3 3 TB drives and two 400GB Drives.

I would like to replace the 400GB with larger drives, but I’m not sure about the process. Do I just eject the drive or do I have to tell the Drobo that I want to replace it with a different drive.

Can you help me to understand the process. I terrified that I may lose data if I don’t do it the right way!


If you are very concerned about data loss, ideally you would have dual disk redundancy turned on before starting the replacement procedure.

There is no way to tell Drobo to prepare a drive for removal.

The “safest” way to do it is to power off the Drobo. Replace the one drive that you want to replace with a larger one, then power the drobo back on and let it get on with the rebuild.


Also, and hopefully this is obvious, don’t replace both drives at the same time. Just one, power back on, wait for rebuild to finish (when everything is solid green again), then power off and replace the second one.

I’ve never done it, but I hope when I need to it will go smoothly. Good luck.

You should not have to power down to upgrade a drive, but definitely do only one at a time.

Thank you! It is very Scary to do it.