Help please Drobo 5D/5N/5C

I have a drobo 5D/5N/5C that won’t boot up. It keeps spinning and trying to launch, but nothing is working. I have rebooted the Mac, and updated the Drobo Dashboard Firmware to version: 3.6.1 . I have the drobo connected by USB to a USB Vantec 10 port USB hub. I only keep the drobo mounted on the hub and don’t overload the port.

I am new to all of this, and apologize if I’m not giving enough information. If anyone has any ideas to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

I will assume your Drobo is not a 5N, as you mention you are connecting it via USB. It might help if you specified if it is a 5D (long discontinued) or 5C (still supported by Drobo).

Also, if you could let us know what the light pattern is on the Drobo unit itself (Green, Red, Yellow). This might help narrow down any issues.

Did you make any changes to your computer? OS updates or anything?

To troubleshoot your problem, I would recommend plugging the Drobo directly to your computer, bypassing any other hardware (like your hub), just to make sure that this is not the source of your issue.
If that doesn’t work, try connecting it directly to a different computer where you’ve installed Drobo Dashboard to see if it is detected.

I hope that helps!



If it’s not actually booting all the way up (tries & shuts off) then at least 7 times out of 10 it turns out to be a failing PSU.


same problem with a 5c.

do you have solved your problem?